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Taxes are everywhere. As a business owner, you must learn about taxes and how to minimize them. Unless you plan right, Uncle Sam can become in effect your "partner," taking a large percentage of your profits. You need to know if being an S-corporation will be right for you, or whether an LLC would provide better tax savings both now and later. You need to apply for tax identification numbers. Federal and state tax requirements will be applicable. You will need to accurately calculate and pay your payroll taxes. Many business owners soon find that a knowledgeable tax preparer and a payroll service can provide welcome relief from complex paperwork as well as enabling the business person to avoid penalties.



1. Sources of Capital

2. Incorporation

3. Tax

4. Books and Records

5. Shareholders Agreement

6. Trademark Registration

7. Real Estate Lease

8. Franchise Agreement

9. Agreement for the Sale and Purchase of a Business

10. Commercial Contracts and Equipment Leases

11. Employee Issues

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