Real Estate Leases
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Real Estate Leases

Where will your business be located? If it is not at home, you will need permission from another person to use his or her location. This is what a lease is all about. The lease document covers where the location is, how long you can use it and what rent you will pay for being allowed to use it. The owner of the location will typically require you to follow certain rules when you are using his location. The lease covers termination: You must relinquish the location if you do not pay rent. With lawyers writing and rewriting leases, leases are getting longer. What may once have been two pages, can now easily be 32 pages. Since location could be the number one determinant of your business success, it is very important to have the lease carefully reviewed and written.



1. Sources of Capital

2. Incorporation

3. Tax

4. Books and Records

5. Shareholders Agreement

6. Trademark Registration

7. Real Estate Lease

8. Franchise Agreement

9. Agreement for the Sale and Purchase of a Business

10. Commercial Contracts and Equipment Leases

11. Employee Issues

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