Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Business
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Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Business

Past performance can be best indicator of future success. Therefore, you might consider buying an existing business. You will receive extensive information on how the business has performed in good times and in bad. You will be able to start immediately. You will probably be able to have seller financing, so there is a built-in source of capital. You will have experienced employees already at work for you. The advantages of buying an existing business can be great, but finding a business to buy can be a difficult and frustrating task. Professional advisors like lawyers, bankers, accountants and business brokers can be helpful, but sometimes you have to just go and knock on doors of businesses that interest you to see if the owner(s) might be willing to sell. The legal document for buying a business is most typically called an Asset Purchase Agreement. It spells out what you are buying, the price and the payment terms. It also describes the condition of the business in great detail. The goal is to check out the business as much as possible before buying it. You want to get what you expect. You want to avoid skeletons in the closet. The Asset Purchase Agreement is the device that protects you as you purchase the business.



1. Sources of Capital

2. Incorporation

3. Tax

4. Books and Records

5. Shareholders Agreement

6. Trademark Registration

7. Real Estate Lease

8. Franchise Agreement

9. Agreement for the Sale and Purchase of a Business

10. Commercial Contracts and Equipment Leases

11. Employee Issues

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